What Is Aerial Yoga? The Fitness Trend Might Have Some Benefits For People With Chronic Pain & Trauma

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Aerial Yoga may help heal one’s body from emotional trauma as well as physical pain. Originating in the circus arts aerial yoga is practiced on a hammock that hangs from the ceiling. According to Stephanye Evans an aerial yoga specialist there are certain triggers associated with traditional yoga poses while aerial yoga gives more privacy allowing survivors of trauma the ability to disassociate from their bodies as a protection method. Classes are also offered to veterans suffering from PTSD. The suspended poses have many physical benefits for one’s nervous system which helps those whose nervous system is in disarray.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aerial yoga offers the benefits of traditional yoga, but with less stress on the body.
  • Aerial yoga offers a lot of flexibility to the traditional yoga poses that staying on the ground doesn’t.
  • Many adherents of aerial yoga find it relaxing and safe to be cocooned inside the hammock.

“While traditional yoga poses are performed on a mat on the floor, aerial yoga is practiced on a silk hammock that hangs from the ceiling”

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