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Most people who are bothered by a stiff neck and its’ associated pain probably wonder what is causing that pain. After all, it is only with this information that these individuals can begin treating the problem and actually get rid of it. If they want to know what causes their neck pain and stiffness, this article provides a plethora of beneficial information that may very well provide them with the answers thatthey you are looking to find.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some people suddenly wake up one morning to find their neck twisted to one side and stuck in that position. This is known as acute torticollis and is caused by injury to the neck muscles.
  • The exact cause of acute torticollis is unknown, but it may be caused by bad posture, sleeping without adequate neck support, or carrying heavy unbalanced loads
  • Sometimes neck pain is caused by the “wear and tear” that occurs to the bones and joints in your neck. This is a type of arthritis called cervical spondylosis.

“A serious cause is more likely if they’ve recently had a significant injury – for example, a car accident or a fall – or they have a history of cancer or conditions that weaken their immune system”

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