What can someone do about shoulder problems?

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It’s holiday time and that means baking and other treats from the oven. Cookies are the regulation dessert to make, decorate, and share and there are so many good ones to choose from, it’s hard to find a specialty. In the ultimate cookie list, one will find caramel squares, traditional chocolate chip, cookies with fruit and others with Nutella. Peppermint is also the flavor of the season and can be made as its own cookie or sprinkled on for flavor. One is bound to find a favorite for everyone on one’s list.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sleeping in a neutral position of the spine on one’s back can reduce pain
  • It will take time to adjust to sleeping on one’s back and one must be patient–it will become more comfortable
  • Maintaining the right and natural curvatures of the spine has significant impact to holistic health outcome

“Sleep is when the body heals and grows. Sleep is when the body has the opportunity to offset or externalize stress. If one tosses and turns all night, one carries accumulated stress into the next day, weeks, months and years ahead.”

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