What are the benefits of massage?

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym

Besides feeling great and relaxing us like no other, massages can have other medical benefits for our bodies. What would some of these be?

Well, for one thing massage helps with inflammation between the muscles and joints. If you work out regularly, inflammation is something you know quite a deal about.

However, did you know that sitting for long hours at a time also increases the inflammation between joints. Now, which one of us doesn’t sit for a long time? We are all at the office on a regular basis sitting at those cubicles and desks. Inflammation is something we can all relate to at some level or another.

So if you are feeling achy and in a general unbalanced mood, massage can be very helpful. But as you watch this video, you’ll realize the massage being spoken about here is not the leisure, once in a while massage, but rather the more regular massage that will truly do your body some good.

Take a look and consider a regular massage as a part of your health regimen.


Watch: Medical benefits of massage

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