West Chester University Offers Students Massage Chairs to Reduce Stress

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym


While college offers students the opportunity to broaden their minds, form friendships that will last a lifetime and learn skills that will greatly improve their value in the job market, it’s also a stressful undertaking. For youngsters moving away from home for the first time, college can be an alienating experience. Additionally, being out from under parental supervision for the first time makes it difficult for some students to balance their academic responsibilities with their interest in partaking in the college social scene. And anyone who’s ever pulled an all-night study session knows, the weeks leading up to midterm and final exams can be extremely mentally taxing.

To help its students cope with stress, Pennsylvania’s West Chester University has installed a number of massage chairs on-campus. Massage is an excellent stress fighting tool because it relieves muscle tension while also promoting healthy blood flow. Through the use of a smart phone app, students can book massage sessions before, in between and after their various classes for a per session or per academic year fee. Since regular relaxation is hugely important to keeping stress under control, normalizing blood pressure and sharpening one’s mental acuity, it’s clear to see how much university students can benefit from on-campus massage chairs.

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