We finally have a blog!

I am so happy to announce that we finally have a blog up for this wonderful site. I’d like to thank Aditya and his crew at Wildnet Technologies for putting this beauty up for us. This will be a forum for me to add new information, insights, or news about the massage chairs we carry, our site, our business, new massage chairs, chairs we are dropping, and anything else I feel I want to talk about. This will be a great forum for updating everyone of our visitors and clients about our business and industry.

We, at www.massage-chair-relief.com, are going through some wonderful changes over the next month or so and I will keep you updated as to the progress and rationale of our changes. I am so excited about this industry and the amazing products that we provide for you, our precious clients and visitors.

We also added a couple of new chairs over the last month and will be adding 2 or 3 more over the next few weeks, too. I will go over each chair on separate posts so that you can become familiar with them and learn why I love them and why we are carrying them on our site.

We have dropped some chairs, either because they were discontinued or because they did not serve the greater good of you, our all-important visitors and clients. We’ll discuss the rationale for dropping them too.

The bottom line is that I am so dog-gone excited to have this blog up so we can stay in closer contact during the buying process. Have a fantastic day!

Feel free to comment on this blog, too.

Dr. Alan Weidner