Walking daily can help prevent back pain

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Research has shown that back pain is a greater economic health burden than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. On top of that, back pain is the most common source of pain that effects eight out of ten of us during our lifetimes. Back pain can be split into two groups: non-specific back pain and mechanical back pain. Mechanical back pain is caused by the movements of the spine, whereas non-specific back pain has no known root cause.

Key Takeaways:

  • People can have back pain that is non specific. That means that people just hurt but cannot attribute the pain to any one thing.
  • Pain triggered by movements of the spine is considered mechanical back pain.
  • Walk at least twenty minutes a day and this will do wonders for the back! Try to walk hard enough to elevate one’s heart rate and breathing

“One that the best (and cheapest ways) to prevent back pain that he tells his patients is to simply walk at least 20 minutes a day.”

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