Video & Transcripts of Osaki OS-7000 Headband Airbag Massage

Transcript of Video Titled “Osaki OS-7000 Massage Chair Headband Airbags”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘, and today we are going to demonstrate the ‘Headband’ feature of the Osaki 7000, which is a really unique feature. We’ve never seen it before in a massage chair, so I was really curious to see how this worked, and you’ll see it sits up here on a little cushion on the top of the head pillow, where it can rest, it’s a little pillow to rest it on, to hold it in place. And you bring this down, and it’s got a Velcro strap on the back, you can see the hoses where the airbags get their inflation from. And you undo the Velcro strap, this thing has a strap that goes around the head, but at the back, it has these 2 nodules at the back on the back of the head piece, or on the back of this head strap, and those are designed to go at the base of your skull. And so, you got to make sure you put it on right, if you put it up and it sits too high, those airbags are going to inflate those nodules in to the back of your skull.

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Alan: And I’ll tell you, it’s not comfortable, and the reason I know that is because I did it like that the first time, and it hurt. So, what you want to do is you want to put this thing on, un-Velcro it, put it on your head, and you’ll feel those nodules back there, you’ll know when they’re are underneath your skull, you want them just underneath the base of your skull, because when you have headaches, and they’re headaches caused by neck problems, you have a headband distribution, and base of the skull pain, that’s the distribution of pain, headband, base of skull. So, this head piece hits all those spots. It has airbags that go around your skull, and it has the airbags at the base of your skull, pushing those nodules in to your base, the muscles at the base of your skull. Then you can do up the strap, and you might look like an idiot, but that’s OK because no one else is going to be in the room when you’re using this. But this is how you get it started, you have to push the ‘Power’ button, as with any other program in this chair. Oh, just a minute, there we go, and now it’s turned on.

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Alan: And it’s doing the initial scan and set up. And so it will recline, as it’s doing now, and I’m not pushing any buttons, just that ‘Power’ button will recline it, and then it will default to the ‘Weightless’ program. As soon as that light turns on, that red ‘Weightless’ light turns on, you can go down, you can, and you’ll notice I lifted up the remote control, now it’s on, so now a program has started, by default, the ‘Weightless’ program, but I’m going to go down here, and I’m going to push, underneath the lid are all the manual programs, they’re all right here. I’m going to push ‘Head’, oh boy, and right away, the inflation starts on your head, and you’ll, and you can see the movement of the head piece. You’ll see the chair’s coming back up to neutral, because I’m just doing a manual setting for the head only, so it’ll bring the chair back up to a more, a more seated position. But this thing squeezes, you can feel the airbag squeezing on your temples and on the base of your skull, and it’s intense. You can adjust the intensity of the air, by pushing this button, red is the most intense, purple is medium intensity, and the blue is the lightest intensity.

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Alan: And I got to tell you, for me, blue is just fine, red is too darn intense, I’m going back to blue. But it’s going, you can see the motion of the headband, while I’m sitting here. And now it’s squeezing in the back, it’s pushing those nodules in to the base of my skull, which are the headache muscles. When it’s not doing that, it has airbags that inflate around the front and side of the head. And now it’s on my temples, and boy, it squeezes those temples, let me tell you. But I’ve never been on anything like this before, and I got to tell you, at first it would hurt a little bit, because I wasn’t used to it and I didn’t have it situated right. But now that I use it, I love it, and everybody that has used this feature is actually, like, it’s not just ‘Oh, that’s cool’, it’s like, ‘Wow, that’s amazing!’ and that’s how it feels. So, if you’ve got a headache, and you’re a regular chronic headache sufferer, I think you might find the headband working wonders for you. And then when it’s done, you can, it’ll turn off automatically after a certain number of minutes, but you can turn it off prematurely.

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Alan: Unstrap the Velcro, take it off your head, strap the Velcro back on, [coughs] just hang it back on the chair, and you’re good to go. And that is the Headband Airbag massage for the Osaki 7000. I’m Dr. Weidner from ‘’, you can reach me at 888-259-5380, or on our showroom number at 801-417-8240. Thanks for visiting today.


Here is a link to this Osaki OS-7000 and OS-7075R headband tutorial.

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