Video & Transcripts – Infinity IT-8200 (& IT-8500) – Your First Time

Transcript of Video Titled “Infinity IT-8200 Massage Chair – Your First Time”

[SCREEN TEXT: Your First Time]

Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and today we’re going to talk about the Infinite Therapeutics IT-8200 massage chair and what I typically like to do the first time I sit in it. And this will be something for you to use if you get this chair and you’re not quite sure where to go the first time on it. I will demonstrate what we usually do. First thing I want to encourage you to do is take off your shoes. Whenever you’ve got a chair that has a foot massage, you don’t want to have a hard shoe surface in there because it will chew up your linen in the foot and calf area. So you slide your feet in, make sure that none of the airbags are folded over and your feet are comfortable, and then you – we’ll get the remote started in just a minute – but you want to kind of slide your arms in like you’re putting on a suit coat, and then you’ll have your shoulders kind of pinched in by these shoulder airbags.

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Alan: First thing you want to do is you’ll see the flashing ‘Power’ light on the remote control. We push that and the chair is now alive, and then what you can do is choose one of these four automatic programs. And I like to use those because they’re easy to use, they get you started right away on a program, you don’t have to be adjusting the position of the chair too much. It’s pretty much everything laid out for you at the push of one button. So, I like to use the ‘Relax’ program, and what that will do is it will get the foot rollers going, it will get the air bags in the arms going, and it will recline the chair into the default preset position. And you can lay your head back as well on the head pillow, and you will feel the rollers going up and down your spine while you’re on it. That is before the massage begins; that is the chair scanning you using the body scan technology that pretty much every chair has nowadays, but it’s scanning your body for size, girth, height, shape of your spine, and then it caters the massage to your body type.

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Alan: And you’ll feel the airbags inflate in the arms, the legs, the feet. You’ll feel the rollers in the feet. You’ll feel the seat start to move, and of course you’ll feel airbags up on the neck and rollers moving up the neck and shoulders as well. But that’s what I like to do in my first time on this massage chair, it will get you started. You can pick any of those four automated programs and then you’re good to go. We will talk in other videos about manual settings and whatnot, if you just want to localize your massage to a particular area, but for the new beginner who’s just getting started, piece of cake.

And I’ll just show one more thing. If you want to get out of it before the session expires, push the ‘Power’ button again. It turns of the chair and restores the chair back to its original position. It’s a reset, and you don’t have to do anything. One button to turn it on, one button to get the program going, and then one button to turn it all off and get you back to neutral so you can slide up and out of the chair.

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Alan: And that’s it for the IT-8200 first-time use. I’d recommend you try this, and then of course you’ll get accustomed to other programs after you’ve read the owner’s manual and you’ve started playing with the remote a bit, you’ll get more familiar with it. But this is a great way to get started. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updated on other videos that we have on this chair and other chairs, and please share us on Facebook and Twitter with your friends if you like the information that I’m teaching here in these videos. Have a super day, we’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye.