Video & Transcripts for HT-7120 Roller Intensity

Transcript of Video Titled “Human Touch HT-7120 Massage Chair – Roller Intensity”

[SCREEN TEXT: Roller Intensity Adjustment]

Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to talk about adjusting the intensity of the rollers and the intensity of the airbag calf massage in the Human Touch HT-7120 massage chair. Now, it’s hard to find a one-intensity-fits-all massage chair, and so most massage chairs will have an intensity adjustment in the airbag compression and in the roller force. And the HT-7120 has that in the calves and it has that in the rollers in the low back, in the back, and I’m going to show you how that works. So, the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to show you the rollers. Let’s do the upper back, I’m going to show you the rollers here, you’ll see the rollers coming through the cloth there. And on the side of the remote, there is a, an intensity adjustment, more squiggly means more intense, less squiggly means less intense.

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Alan: I’m going to make it more intense, and we should see that the rollers, what they do is they come forward more, and it’ll make a more intense, give for a more intense massage on the neck. And then if you push the less intense, it’ll retract the rollers, and so it’ll pull the rollers back in to the chair a little bit more, so it’s not nearly as visible to you. See, it’s rolling, but you don’t see it as much, because it’s retracted it, and we’re still not even to full retraction yet, and so that brings the rollers back. So, that’s one way to adjust the intensity on the rollers, is through this, is through the, through the intensity adjustment on the side. And, we are going to talk on another video, when we talk about the rollers in particular, we’re going to talk about how to decrease the intensity even more. Now, as far as the, as far as the ottoman goes, if I turn on the ottoman, you will see here that the airbags inflate, and you can envision a calf in there. Now, there are some red lights here, and there’s a set of 6 lights here, and then a ‘+’ and a ‘–’ sign.

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Alan: If you want to increase the width of it and make it a little bit more comfortable, you can push the ‘+’ sign, and you’ll see the lights start to light up as it gets wider and wider and wider. If you want a less intense massage, of course, you push the ‘–’ sign, and that will bring the airbags, it’ll inflate the airbags more, and create a lesser space for the calf to fit in, which will thus increase the intensity on the calves. And I’ll tell you, people struggle with calf massage, if they’ve got tender calves. It’s important to have, it’s important to have an intensity adjustment on the calves or it’ll be very, very uncomfortable for a user of the massage chair, any massage chair. But, the Human Touch 7120 does have a nice adjustment for the calf airbags and for the rollers in the back. My name is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ Thank you for visiting today. You can visit us at the website or give us a call at 888-259-5380. Thank you.

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