Veterans Suffering Chronic Low Back Pain Get Relief with Yoga, San Diego VA Study Finds – Times of San Diego

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Recent studies find that back pain can be relieved through Yoga. The study included men and women who served in the military. They suffered from lower back pains and were prescribed painkillers. The study was roughly two thirds men. It showed that having a trained instructor and practicing at home had health benefits. One of the most significant was the reduction or elimination of opioid use. This concluded that practicing yoga could allow an alternative treatment to the use of painkillers for lower back pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yoga improved health outcomes among veterans, and many were able to cut back — or stop taking — prescribed painkillers, researchers found.
  • “The magnitude of pain intensity decline was small, but occurred in the context of reduced opioid use,” researchers reported.
  • Research with community chronic low back pain patients indicates that yoga can improve health outcomes and has few side effects

“Major efforts to reduce opioid use and embrace nonpharmacological pain treatments have resulted.”

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