Utah Jazz Mascot Visits Massage Chair Relief!!

Steffanie and I are just minding our own business doing work at the Massage Chair Relief showroom when we hear the doorbell go off, notifying us that someone is in our showroom. Before we could even get up and see who it was, Bear, the Utah Jazz mascot runs in through our back office door and surprises the dickens out of us. Naturally, we were excited. But, as soon as we realized who was in our showroom, we immediately asked if we could take some pictures of him in our massage chairs. He didn’t say anything (duh, no mascot says anything!), so we escorted him to our chairs and took these photos:

It was a lot of fun when Bear was here. After he got up from the massage chairs, I could tell he wanted to ask questions and talk, but he was true to his no-talk mandate. I’m sure he’ll be back as a civilian someday to ask those questions he couldn’t ask yesterday.

Go Jazz!

Dr. Alan Weidner