Using too much phones may up neck and upper back pain – Zee News

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym

It has been shown that excessive smart phone usage leads to painful neck and upper back problems. The posture of tilting one’s head down for prolonged periods of time causes an unnatural curvature of the spine that leads to neck and disk hernias and spinal alignment problems.
A study done by neurosurgeons at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles has shown how the natural backwards curve of the neck is being modified to curve forward due to overuse of smartphones. This can be remedied by holding cell phones in front of the face at eye level. Additionally, people that work at computers should ensure that the monitor is at a natural horizontal eye level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Posture is very important when one spends time on devices such as desktops and tablets.
  • The weight of the human head while static places significant stress on cervical spine with increasing angular degrees.
  • Experts recommend hold phones at eye level, and adjusting monitors to natural vision height to help create better posture while using.

“Beyond smartphone use, the spinal surgeons recommend that people who work at computers or on tablets use an elevated monitor stand so it sits at a natural horizontal eye level.”

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