Using Massage to Treat the Pain of Osteoarthritis

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One of the more difficult aspects of growing older is all the wear-and-tear was inflicted on her body start catch up with us. One of the more debilitating, and sadly common conditions to affect elderly people is osteoarthritis. The most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage that links our bones together begins breaking down. Maintaining a healthy body weight and staying active are useful in slowing the progression of osteoarthritis, but they don’t do much for the joint pain that comes with it. There aren’t many effective treatments and only a few effective home treatment or two known. However, a recently published Massage magazine article points out that massage can be very effective in reducing the pain caused by osteoarthritis.

For one thing, massage can help realign a person’s posture. As poor posture has the effect of unequally distributing the weight each of our joints has to bear, massage has the effect of redistributing body weight and decreasing the pressure placed upon our joints. Additionally, certain massage techniques can be used to shift the extracellular fluid that builds up around inflamed joints. By reducing the swelling around the joint, flexibility is increased and relieving the pain caused by the inflamed joint’s nerve endings. Check out the full story to learn other ways massage can be used to treat pain caused by osteoarthritis.

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