Using Massage to Relieve Technology-Related Chronic Pain

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As computers and mobile devices has become more pervasive in American life, an ever-increasing amount of people are finding themselves plagued by pain in their necks, backs, wrists and knees. While pain in those areas of the body can have a variety of different causes, many chiropractors across the country have found that the use of laptop computers, tablets and smart phones is to blame.

The human body is not intended to spend extended periods of time walked in one position, so when we spend eight hours a day at work on the computer and most of our free time responding to push emails and social media notifications, we can exert significant strain on our bodies.

Thankfully, this kind of technology driven chronic neck, wrist back and knee pain can be relieved with relative ease. First, you should break up the amount of time you spend using a computer, at work or at home, with periodic walking and stretching. Doing so will keep kinks and cramps from forming in your muscles and fascia.

Additionally, it’s been found that getting regular massage sessions a very helpful in reducing technology driven chronic pain as it has the dual effects of releasing muscle tension and reducing the inflammation that is commonly a byproduct of muscle strain.

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