Used Massage Chairs vs. Refurbished Massage Chairs

November 15, 2023
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
November 15, 2023
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Used Massage Chairs vs. Refurbished Massage Chairs

Key considerations when deciding to purchase new, refurbished or used massage chairs:

  • Warranty Matters: Consider warranty coverage when buying a massage chair. New chairs usually have warranties, while used private sales offer none, potentially leading to costly repairs.
  • Authorized Dealers vs. Private Sellers: Authorized dealers can transfer warranties to buyers, providing support. Private sales lack warranties, leaving buyers responsible for repairs.
  • Refurbished Chairs: Refurbished chairs can be a budget-friendly option with some warranty coverage, striking a balance between cost savings and reliability.

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Although the vast majority of sales we make at Massage Chair Relief are new massage chairs, we do have a Pre-Owned Directory on our website that is visited quite regularly. In that directory we list all the floor models of massage chairs for sale on our site  from our brick-and-mortar showrooms. We also list all of the massage chairs that are returned to us.

All new massage chairs come with a factory warranty of anywhere from 1-5 years of labor coverage, and anywhere from 2-5 years of parts coverage. Because we are an authorized dealer for the chair brands we sell, we can transfer the remaining warranty to the customers who purchase a used massage chair from us.

Used Massage Chairs

There is a large market of people looking for used massage chairs for sale r iand many chairs are sold through private sale venues, like Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp, just to name a couple.  You may even have a neighbor, work associate, friend, or family member who is selling their massage chair.

The most important thing to know when considering a used massage chair purchase is that, other than from an authorized dealer, like Massage Chair Relief, you will not have any warranty on that chair…at all. When you purchase a pre-owned chair, you will be solely responsible for the cost of parts and the hiring of a massage chair technician, should a problem ever arise with your chair.

Not one massage chair company that we represent, let alone every other massage chair distributor in the USA, allows for the transfer of their chair’s warranty to a new private buyer of a used massage chair. I have, personally, seen ads and been told by massage chair buyers that  people selling their massage chair privately, claim that the remaining warranty of their chair will be included for the new owner when they buy their pre-owned massage chair. Not true! Buyer Beware! Below is a screenshot of a used massage chair for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Notice that the ad mentions that “It has warranty on it…”.

Used Massage Chairs vs. Refurbished Massage Chairs

When you purchase a pre-owned chair, you just might get a chair that will never break down, and you’ll be free of the hassle of ever having to deal with repairs. But, for the most part, you have no idea what the chair went through in the home of the previous owner. Did they have animals…especially those that shed? Did some mice set up their home under the massage and compromise the wiring and other electronics of the chair? We have actually heard from our massage chair techs about mice nests! Did the previous owners use the chair multiple hours each day of the week? Has the previous owner disclosed any issues with the chair? Does the chair look beat up?

You might also want to consider if parts are still available for the used massage chair you are interested in buying. Is that distributor even still in business? Has that chair model been discontinued for quite some time? How expensive are the available parts of the chair? A call to the distributor of the chair might be helpful to answer some of those questions.

Now, if you find a chair that is working just fine and the owner is selling it for a very, very low price, then the concerns I’ve listed may not deter you as much, when deciding to purchase a pre-owned chair. If it is cheap enough, and it is in decent working order when you check it out, you could probably just scrap it when it dies and get another one to replace it at the same or similar price point.

If you are going to purchase a pre-owned massage chair, I would definitely encourage you to buy locally so that you can try out the chair before buying it. If you see a chair listing that is out of your area, you will have to deal with complete unknowns as well as working out shipping arrangements to get the chair to your home. That can be quite expensive!

Refurbished Massage Chair

Some of our distributors sell refurbished massage chairs , as well as their own pre-owned chairs (either returned or chairs that were used in trade shows). Warranty will be offered on those chairs but, depending on the distributor, the warranty may not be the remaining warranty on the chair, but something less. Some distributors group their refurbished and used massage  chairs together and call them “certified pre-owned”, taking a tip from the auto industry.

Refurbished massage chairs are chairs that have been “cleaned up”, meaning they have literally cleaned the chair and/or they have had any damaged parts replaced so that the chair is fully functional. A refurbished massage chair almost always comes with a lesser factory warranty time period. Instead of 1-5 years of parts and/or labor, they may just offer 90 days to 1 year of labor coverage, more for parts. That is not uncommon at all in our industry. But, at least you get a factory warranty and the peace of mind that comes with it. Some refurbished massage chairs for sale  may come with a full factory warranty, depending on the company.

The distributor may do the same for pre-owned chairs they are trying to sell. You might get a very limited warranty, like the refurbished massage chairs, or the remainder of the factory warranty. As with refurbished chairs, you might even get a full factory warranty on a used massage  chair. It all depends on the distributor.

Some distributors will grade their refurbished and/or used  massage chairs. For example, Infinity assigns an A, B, or C grade to a certified pre-owned massage chair. Grade A means it is in very good condition. Grade B usually means that there is some very minor scuffing on the chair’s upholstery or plastic pieces, and grade C usually means that the chair has some very obvious and more significant blemishes to the chair body and upholstery. Having said that, they will not sell the chair if it is not functioning correctly. The grade A-C is assigned primarily based on the condition of the chair body exterior.  See below for an example of a graded pre-owned chair…

Infinity Evo Max Used Massage Chair


In Summary

Here is what you need to consider and be wary of when deciding to purchase either a new, refurbished or used full body massage chair.  In a nutshell:

  • New massage chairs come with full factory warranty for 1-5 years, depending on the model.
  • Refurbished  massage chairs, purchased from the distributor, come with a factory warranty but, often, for a lesser time period of coverage.
  • Used massage chairs, purchased from an authorized dealer like Massage Chair Relief, come with the remainder of the factory warranty.
  • Used massage chairs, purchased from the distributor, come with either a lesser time period of coverage, the remainder of the factory warranty, or a full factory warranty (depending on the distributor).
  • Used massage chairs, purchased privately, come with NO factory warranty at all.

Dr. Alan Weidner

P.S. Call us at 888-259-5380 if you need clarification of anything I have written in this article or if you have any questions about a pre-owned chair you are considering.

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