Update to the Inada & DreamWave Saga – OHCO!!

OHCO massage chair logo

Well, things certainly can change in a hurry! Back in May of this year, I wrote an article discussing the history of Inada USA, Family Inada in Japan, and the new DreamWave  line of chairs. I won’t go into redundant details, but DreamWave was a new line of chairs created by Furniture For Life (FFL), the parent company of Positive Posture, Inada USA, Panasonic, and BodyFriend massage chairs. The term “DreamWave” was the brainchild of Cliff Levin, President of FFL, and was used as the name of his new chair line.

OHCO massage chair logoRecent legal wranglings about the use of the DreamWave term have now led to the renaming of that brand to OHCO. The chairs are still the exact same, the model names are the same, the brains behind the new line is still the same, and the pricing hasn’t changed…only the brand name has changed. In an interview with me last month, Mr. Levin explains the OHCO name along with the nuance of it’s meaning and significance. You can watch that interview at this link:

Cliff Levin Interview – New OHCO Massage Chair Brand

(If you are interested, you can read the Press Release from FFL announcing the name change, which I have placed at the end of this article.)

Inada Therapina Robo massage chair
Inada Therapina Robo

As a result of the inception of this new line of chairs, FFL then surrendered the US distributorship for the Inada massage chairs. That leads me to the next part of this article. Osaki Titan has formally entered into an agreement with Family Inada of Japan to become their new US distributor of the Inada massage chair line. Chairs should be available next month (“mid-December”) for purchase. So far, two models have been announced – the familiar Inada DreamWave and the new Inada Therapina Robo, which is a chair that was introduced to us at CES last January in Las Vegas. I saw the chair for the first time and video taped it. I didn’t sit in it at CES because the line was pretty long. You can watch that video here (the footage of the Therapina begins at the 16:24 point of the recording):

Inada Therapina Robo CES Footage

As you can tell from the image above, the look of the Therapina has changed a bit since my CES footage last January. We look forward to familiarizing ourselves with the new Therapina Robo once it is available and hope to floor it in at least one of our showrooms. Once we do, you know that we’ll be talking about it in this blog and on our YouTube channel.

Dr. Alan Weidner

PRESS RELEASE: Say Hello to OHCO: The New Brand Name for the Best Luxury Massage Chairs in the World

BOULDER, Colo.Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — FFL Brands proudly announces a new name and brand identity for its Ken Okuyama-designed massage chair lineup. The M.8LE, M.8 and new R.6 are the world’s most meticulously designed and technologically advanced full-body shiatsu massage chairs, and will be marketed under the new OHCO brand effective immediately in the USA. OHCO branding will be gradually rolled out in other countries around the world in the coming months.

Visually, the new logo is designed to invoke feelings of tranquility, calmness and peace. The typography epitomizes fluidity, and the deliberate placement of the letter “O” at the beginning and end of the word symbolizes flow, timelessness and abiding wellness. The logo also speaks to the company’s ties to the ancient Eastern traditions and sensibilities that are built into all OHCO products. Practically, the OHCO name is also easily and consistently pronounced in all countries and all languages.

“We are excited to unveil OHCO, an elegant brand name that will come to represent the many ways we bring preeminent design and proprietary innovations and functions to the massage chair market,” said founder and CEO Cliff Levin. “We believe OHCO exemplifies the ultimate balance of strength, elegance and serenity, and we look forward to breathing life into this brand and relaxation into the lives of discerning consumers around the world.”

The business provides the world’s most luxurious and meticulously crafted massage chairs that promote enduring comfort, happiness and peace. OHCO’s goal is to continue to raise the bar for massage chair standards by developing beautifully designed, life-changing products that cater to the complete needs of the mind and body.

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  1. Is there any news about the inada therapina? It’s already mid Dec and seems no news from osaki titan to start sale it.

    1. Thanks for your inquiry. The Inada Therapina was supposed to debut December 15th, but it has been postponed until January, at the very least. Perhaps longer. Osaki Titan will also have the Inada DreamWave available for sale in January. I hope this helps.
      dr. w.

      1. Thanks for the reply. It really helps. It’s has been for years of sale outdated models in US, really want to get something new from inada.

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