Tubes, Sieves, and Boxes: Three ways of dealing with stress, according to Japanese Twitter artist – RocketNews24

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When it comes to the act of stress itself, there is a wide and vast array of many different people that have to endure through and deal with stress on a daily basis. However sometimes when it comes to knowing just how to deal with stress it can be a difficult thing. This particular article offers you the insight into three ways of dealing with stress according to a Japanese Twitter artist.

Key Takeaways:

  • The tube metaphor describes people who manage stress by letting emotion easily pass through them and have little emotional baggage.
  • The sieve has holes in it, so it’s not as easy for emotion or stress to pass, but it does so with even distributions and over time.
  • The box signifies people who keep stress and emotion in and as it grows it will boil over.

“One variety proves to be particularly common among online commenters. We all have some source of stress in our lives. What sets us apart, though, is how we cope with it.”

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