Treating the Emotional Causes of Back and Neck Pain

Portrait of posh guy in formalwear sitting and stretching himself


One of the most difficult aspects of treating back and neck pain is that while the condition is quite common, it can have a variety of different causes. In younger people, back and neck pain is typically the result of holding their heads it odd angles to look at a computer or smart phone screen. For slightly older office workers, holding an awkward posture for hours at a time of sitting at a desk can put undue strain on the back and spine. For active people of any age, the muscle strain that can occur while engaging in physically demanding activities can cause as stiffness and discomfort around the shoulders and lower back.

Some medical professionals have even found that unresolved emotional issues can manifest as pain and body aches. This article details how a British therapist uses a series of techniques derived from Eastern medical tradition to treat emotionally related back and neck pain. The therapist is able to relieve her clients’ pain by first having them discuss their personal histories while charting the reactions of a person’s back and neck muscles have when certain topics come up. Once that’s done, she uses a form of talk therapy and pressure point manipulation to relieve their pain. Click on the link below to learn more details on how this unorthodox treatment works.

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