Too Many Facebook Friends Cause Teens to Feel Stressed Out

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These days, teenagers tend to have more friends online than in real life. And while it’s important to have a social network that you can depend on when times get tough, there are problematic aspects to having a large number of online friends. A new study by the University of Montréal has revealed that teenagers with more than 300 Facebook friends have a higher concentration stress hormones in their blood than those who have fewer online pals. Given that excessive amounts of stress can impair the proper emotional and physical development of young people, parents should make every effort to ensure that their kids are not placing undue amounts of stress on themselves.

In earlier eras, parents could moderate their children’s socializing by restricting how much time they spent with their friends. But in today’s world of laptops, tablets and smart phones, it’s all but impossible for parents to monitor all of their children’s interpersonal connections. While some parents feel that restricting their children’s access to the Internet is a good way to foster healthy development, it can also have the effect of making kids feel under attack and isolated. Instead of trying to address the problem with punitive measures, parents should make sure kids are balancing out their time online with constructive real life activities.

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