Tips for Sleeping With Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain can affect the way you sleep, but ironically, the way you sleep can also cause your chronic pain. Both can be avoided, it’s just a matter of figuring out which one is causing the other. You definitely don’t want to develop poor sleep patterns, because lack of sleep can lead to a lot of other health problems that will likely increase the amount of pain that you’re already in.

The National Sleep Foundation has some suggestions on things to do and not do that affect the way you sleep. Avoiding or restricting caffeine is a given, but you should also limit the amount of alcohol you drink, especially in the evening. If you really have problems sleeping and feel like you need painkillers or a sleeping aid, make sure you do so under careful supervision of a doctor.

Additionally, you can take measures to determine if your bed is causing the problems by testing different types of mattresses and pillows that may be more comfortable than what you currently have. Going to sleep too early or too late could also be causing sleep patterns, as well as sleeping with lights or TV on, or in a room that gets too much light.

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