Tips for Managing Your Back Pain

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For people with osteoarthritis and chronic low back pain, it's important to know how to manage it. These are two of the most common musculoskeletal pain conditions in the world, and have placed a huge burden on both the health system, and the quality of life on those who suffer from it.

Aiming to reduce the burden of back pain and osteoarthritis for both the individual and the health system in question, and international clinical guidelines for the treatment have endorsed self-management, education and exercise as important components of the management of these conditions.

Recently, a research team in University College Dublin undertook a rapid review of the literature on the effectiveness of these types of group-based self management interventions on back pain. They concluded that the intervention in question needed to aim to promote self-management and incorporate an educational component, a structured exercise component and the training of participants in self-management skills.

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