A Three-Part Solution to Managing Stress

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As stress can increase our risk factor for contracting a host of serious illnesses, cause us to lose sleep and can negatively affect our ability to understand and remember new information, it’s essential to take steps to keep stress in check. However, it’s important to realize that as stress affects us holistically, we must also utilize a holistic treatment strategy. For those interested taking that approach to stress will likely find this recent Huffington Post article to be very helpful. It explains how the key to managing stress lines in optimizing your mental, emotional and physical health.

Effectively managing your mental health means maintaining a positive outlook on the world. Along similar lines, it’s important to have an emotional support system in your life that will help you through various life challenges. And, in terms fighting stress by optimizing your physical health, it’s recommended that you eat a balanced diet, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly. Additionally, it’s also useful to engage in activities that minimize the effect stress has on your body, such as practicing yoga, meditating and regularly using a message chair or booking a session with a qualified massage therapist. After all, a healthy life is a happy life.

Read the full article here: Stress: It’s A Killer

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