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Considering that the majority of people own smartphone devices, and roughly one quarter of people suffer from one or more problems related to mental health each year, smartphone apps dedicated to mental wellness are growing increasingly popular and common. Recent studies have indicated that these apps can indeed have a positive impact on mental health. Three of the best apps include Headspace, which focuses on meditation practices for beginners; Soar: Tree of Life, which is a game designed to reduce stress and anxiety; and What’s Up?, an app that utilizes tenets of cognitive behavioral therapy to help users develop positive and healthy thought patterns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Well-being apps that lead us to focus on taking time for ourselves really do help decrease stress.
  • Using guided meditation, the Headspace app offers 10 free lessons to help beginners learn the basics (and beyond) of meditation.
  • Soar is an inventive adventure game set on a color-depleted island. To relieve stress, players explore 7 levels, each designed to re-color the landscape while lowering blood pressure and heart rates.

“Learning to pay more attention to how we feel at certain moments throughout the day can really help when it comes to reducing stress.”

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