This Japanese Stress Trick Turns You Into A Human Burrito – Huffington Post

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When you hear the word burrito and stress used in the same sentence, the imagination may not wander to far past the idea of getting home from a long day at work and sinking your teeth into a cheesy and beefy burrito for some relaxing R & R. Japanese stress relief technicians have actually incorporated a method in which to gently roll, contort, and bend the stiff human body into a pliable soft shell taco.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Japanese trend called “Otonamaki,” a process where adults are wrapped tightly in fabric, has recently gained popularity overseas as a therapeutic tool.
  • The activity was developed by a midwife based in Kyoto as a way to also help new mothers overcome postpartum pain.
  • However, the exercise is not supported by science and some experts caution against engaging in it at all.

“Research shows working out, meditating, having sex and taking a nap are all effective ways of reducing stress.”