This Is Why Massages Should Definitely Be Part Of One’s Workout Recovery – Elite Daily

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After having a good workout, many people just stretch and go about their day. It has been proven that getting a massage for just 10 minutes can decrease one’s lactic acid build up and help with the soreness of one’s muscles. This means that people are able to recover quicker and get back out there. There was a study done on someone who got a massage and on someone who didn’t, and the person who had gotten the massage didn’t have as much NF-kB protein which causes inflammation proving that a massage helps.

Key Takeaways:

  • If one exercises frequently, massages can help both prevent future injures and treat ones they already have.
  • Massages can boost the flow of blood and oxygen and reduce the build up of lactic acid .
  • Massages can lessen muscular inflammation by reducing levels of a protein which causes inflammation.

“One of my favorite parts about being a dancer was how body-work and massage were regularly worked into our routines.”

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