This Is What Happens To Your Body When You’re Under Extreme Stress – Elite Daily

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Although stress is part of everyone’s daily life, many things can happen to your body when you are under a lot of stress. Those include a lowered energy level due to less sleep, loss of appetite which can lead to weight loss,and a weakened immune system which can lead to more seasonal colds and the flu. Stress can also induce depression and anxiety which could lead to long-term problems and substance abuse.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stress has much more of an impact on your body than you realize. Fatigue can result in high levels of stress, and no amount of coffee can fix that.
  • Stress can lead to a weakend innume system, which would not allow you to fight off infections or colds as well as the average person.
  • Stress has more of an impact on your body than just physical, it can be mentally as well. If you do not find ways to cope with it, it can lead to lack of sleep, changes in appetite and weight gain/loss, in addition it can lead to coping mechanims such as drugs or alcohol abuse.

“People who deal with chronic stress are more likely to get colds and have lower white blood cell counts than the average person.”