This Aromatic Stress-Treatment Oil Is Like Klonopin in Scent Form – New York Magazine

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I had heard of Tata Harper from various magazine features where celebrities discuss things they can’t live without, like their La Mer moisturizing creams and Frette linens. Which is why, when I’m sitting at my desk on deadline, furiously responding to emails, toggling through the 29 tabs open on my browser, and balancing a Sweetgreen grain bowl in my elbow, I dab a little bit of it onto my wrists, or onto my neck (it has a roll-on applicator), and take a deep breath.

Key Takeaways:

  • A quick dab before take-off works like a charm. Plus: It also makes a really nice Mother’s Day, bridal-party, or thanks-for-cat-sitting gift.
  • Harper, the Colombian-born, Vermont-based beauty entrepreneur, prides herself on using only natural ingredients, and this particular potion is made from jojoba seed oil, along with things I’ve never heard of including Sambucus nigra fruit extract and limonene. The result is that it smells like … rich people.
  • So when I saw this tiny vial of the brand’s Aromatic Stress Treatment in a “free” pile at work, I grabbed it without really thinking. “This is fancy,” a robotic voice in my head said.

“My Aromatic Stress Treatment holds pride of place next to my computer, but I’ve thrown it in my tote bag when I know I’ll be in other stress-triggering situations like a plane ride or a holiday dinner.”