This 1-Minute Stretch Will Work Wonders On a Tight, Achy Neck –

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A sore neck can come from poor posture, bad sleeping patterns or excessive screen time. If anyone is suffering from neck pain, fortunately, there is a simple one minute stretch that they can do that can relieve their pain. This lateral neck flexion with arm abduction stretch is described in detail with pictures. It is a step-by-step a stretch that should be done slowly and gradually when they begin so that they do not cause any additional pain or injury.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people have neck pain for various modern-day, common reasons
  • There are some stretches people can do to ease the pain.
  • This article describes some stretches and gives step-by-step instructions

“anyone can ease the pain and soothe their neck in just one minute with the stretch below”

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