The Workout That’s Just As Effective As Physical Therapy For Back Pain – Men’s Health

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When people suffer from back pain, they know that it is not simply something that is a bit annoying. It stops them from doing many things that are enjoyable, or they can power through and do these activities anyway, but they suffer. It makes people crabby and it can make it hard to enjoy life. One thing that is as effective as physical therapy is yoga. Individuals should find a studio near them or look online and give it a try. Start slow, and make good progress.

Key Takeaways:

  • If physical therapy cannot be done there is a workout plan that is just as good.
  • If you are concerned about taking medications, yoga can be a helpful alternative.
  • Yoga may help people break away from therapy and harmful medication.

“Findings suggest that a structured yoga program may be a reasonable alternative to going to physical therapy”

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