“The Ultimate Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide” – Free Kindle Download!

massage chair buying guide

massage chair buyer's guide imageAs you may or may not know, I have recently completed writing the first book of it’s kind in our massage chair industry – “The Ultimate Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Perfect Massage Chair For Your Home or Business.” It is a 221 page guide that will help pretty much anyone decide 1.) if a massage chair is the right thing for you, and 2.) which chair and retailer are best for them.

I have also included a lengthy appendix that includes a compilation of useful articles from our Article Library/Blog, a massage chair glossary, reviews and testimonials, a list of massage contraindications, as well as a list of helpful resources for any massage chair shoppers. 

The book is listed on Amazon.com as a paperback book or a Kindle download. From Saturday, August 16th to August 20th, the Kindle download will be absolutely FREE to anyone who wants it. Here is a link to the Kindle version. Download it NOW…


Here is a list of the chapter titles, for your perusal:

1. Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

2. Who Can Benefit from Owning a Massage Chair

3. 8 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Investing in a High Quality Robotic Massage Chair

4. A Massage Chair for Your Business

5. Refurbished and Used Massage Chairs – Buyer Beware!

6. Is It Safe for Children to Use Massage Chairs?

7. Massage Chairs and the Best Pregnancy Pillow

8. Paying for a Massage Chair

9. So You Bought a Massage Chair…Now What?

10. “Why on Earth Would I Get My Massage Chair from Massage Chair Relief?”

If any of that sounds interesting to you as a potential massage chair owner, then go ahead and download it now.

I’d love for you to also leave a review if you wouldn’t mind. You know that I am always promoting reviews of the various massage chair models on my site, but here is an opportunity to leave a review about the book, on Amazon. It would be appreciated.