The Surprising Way Relationship Stress Makes You Gain Weight – Shape Magazine

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I don’t think that a stressful personal relationship is a specific cause for weight gain, but stress in general. You might have a stressful relationship with a co-worker or your boss that might cause you to overeat (or not eat correctly). I personally like to go the opposite direction and work out any of my stress at the gym. It gives you better sleep at night and helps you clear your mind. Also you could try garcinia but first read about garcinia cambogia benefits to make sure its th right choice for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • For four years, University of Michigan researchers followed more than 2,000 heterosexual married people who were together for an average of 34 years and had them record their waist circumference, negative marriage quality, stress level, and more.
  • They found that the more stressed the man felt about the state of his relationship, the more weight both he and his wife gained—up to four extra inches on their waists over the course of the study.
  • “Marriage has powerful influences on health,” lead author Kira Birditt, Ph.D., a research associate professor at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research said in a press release.

“And don’t think that just because you haven’t been married for three decades that your young love will protect you.”