The Subtle Signs of Chronic Stress

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One of the most insidious aspects of chronic stress is that while it can serve as a precursor to a host of serious illnesses, its effects are not obvious. For example, one of the more common symptoms of excess stress is high blood pressure, but without a test, you could be living with increasingly elevated blood pressure without manifesting any obvious symptoms. And, there is no one symptom of chronic stress that all sufferers experience, a quality that makes it difficult to recognize without consultation with a medical professional. However, this Bustle guide outlines a number of signs that, taken together, might mean that you are suffering from chronic stress.

One of the more serious effects of chronic stress is that your immune system becomes compromised. As the feature notes, if you frequently find yourself catching colds that seem to persist for more than a week or two, it might be because you’re under too much stress. If you notice that your emotional reactions to mundane stimuli have become increasingly extreme, that’s also an indicator of chronic stress. In some cases, sudden hair loss can be a sign of chronic stress. The only good thing about chronic stress is that it’s a fairly simple condition to treat. All you have to do to make genuinely relaxing activities a part of your daily schedule.

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