The Stress-Busting Secrets Of Successful Entrepreneurs – Forbes

The concept of starting your own business is an endeavor that is fraught, even during the best of times, with intense stress. So what are some interesting tips that the vets can pass on to entrepreneurial rookies in terms of dealing with the inevitable stress?

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, recommends early morning exercise as a precursor to facing the demands of the day. He wakes at around 5 am, does his morning workout, and then spends some time with the family. He says that having this time is important to him before going into work mode.

Louise Lederman, co-founder of Jungle Jam, has an interesting idea for corporate meetings: a hot tub. She says that she and her husband exist on very little sleep and often work into the night and they find the hot tub to be an amazing stress reliever. They have also been known to have their meetings in the hot tub as well.

To be a successful entrepreneur you will have to develop your own strategy for managing the stress and preventing your start-up company from swallowing you whole.

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