The sounds of nature can reduce stress – Idaho State Journal

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People like seeing and hearing nature. Our brains shows signs of anxiety while listening to artificial sounds. Conversely, our brains do the opposite while listening to nature sounds such as water running. Artificial sounds direct our attention inward while nature sounds direct our attention outwards. Studies have shown that nature sounds can make people feel more relaxed and less stressed. Therefore, if you are ever feeling stressed or depressed, try getting some time outside in nature.

Key Takeaways:

  • The sounds and colors of nature can be peaceful. Take a break to enjoy them.
  • The seasons change faster than stress levels. It takes time to reduce stress.
  • Frequent trips outside will help with stress. The more often you get out the faster stress will reduce.

“The study showed that those with the greatest amount of stress also found the greatest amount of stress relief with natural sounds.”

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