The Sogno Massage Chair…Holy Cow, Now This is Cool!

Dr. Weidner here again. I am just so excited about the new model from Family Inada called the Sogno massage chair. I have seen images of this chair and the first thing that struck me is how amazing and contemporary it looks. It will be released to the US public at the end of April or the first part of May. We have already pre-ordered one for our own showroom. Some of the things I like about it include neck traction, along with regular neck traction, a hip air massage on either side of your seat that undulates in a figure 8 to work the side of your hips, and arm massage air bags hidden within the frame of the chair. It is really quite unique. The US distributor says that this massage chair will blow away all other chairs. I can’t wait to see it!!

Family Inada has been making high quality massage chairs since at least the early 1970’s and has progressively developed new chairs that are industry leaders in design and function. They are created in Japan, whereas most other chairs are manufactured in China, and are usually priced at a higher point than most other chairs. The Sogno will have two models, one for $5999 and one for $6499. The higher priced massage chair will be sold through health care providers and has some additional features over the lower priced model. Once we get all the data on the chair, I will post it on this blog. In the meantime, here is a video that describes more of the features of this unique and amazing chair…

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