The Sogno PLUS Massage Chair Has Arrived!

sogno massage chair with Dr Weidner Sitting

After months of waiting, the wait is over! We received our Inada Sogno PLUS and i2A massage chairs this morning. It took us most of the morning to assemble the Sogno chair. It was quite a task to put it together. The foot rest and the sides have to be assembled. The chair came in two large boxes, but assembled it weighed 250 pounds, 40 lbs. less than the HT-1650. The assembling instructions are pretty straight forward, but the time it took to assemble was quite a while. Fortunately for all Songo buyers, the chair comes with White Glove Service…in other words, the shippers will assemble the chair in your home and/or business.

We got the creme colored Sogno PLUS massage chair. Now, I have been calling it the Dream Weaver PLUS chair in previous blog posts, but it is actually the Dream WAVE PLUS chair. I was messed up with the name for a time, but now we have straightened ourselves out. I sat in the chair this afternoon for the first time and it was quite a ride! I actually fell asleep while Steffanie was explaining the chair functions to me.

We also set up our Inada i2A massage chair this morning and took it for a test drive too. A very nice massage. I am embarrassed to say but this was the first time I had ever sat in an Inada massage chair. Human Touch used to carry the i2A, but called it the RMS-10, years ago when I first began selling massage chairs, but I had never actually sat in one. It is a very nice massage chair…you can tell that this company’s chairs are built with quality, just with the look and feel of the chairs. I also noticed that the Sogno massage chair is made in Japan, while the i2A is made in China.

Steffanie and I both are taking notes about the chairs and will provide a more in-depth review of theSogno massage chair front view chairs in future blog posts. But, for now, we are really enjoying them. Comments from the showroom visitors today share our feeling that these are very nice massage chairs. Here are a couple of pics of me on the new Sogno massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner