The Sanyo 6700 Replacing the Sanyo 7700 Massage Chair

Sanyo 6700

Apparently, from here on out, Sanyo is selling their zero-gravity Sanyo 7700 massage chair exclusively through Relax The Back stores. So, they have provided another model, almost identical to the 7700 called the Sanyo 6700 massage chair. What are the differences, you ask? Well, there are only 3 and here they are:

1. The Sanyo 6700 massage chair has one zero-gravity position, whereas the Sanyo 7700 has two.

2. The Sanyo 6700 has a Quick Course (a short pre-programmed auto program in addition to the regular automatic programs), which the Sanyo 7700 does not have, but the Sanyo 7700 has an “Air Only” course of massage which the 6700 does not have.

3. The Sanyo 7700 has 2 seat airbags and 2 upper bag airbags, which the Sanyo 6700 does not have. Of course, both chairs have the regular upper back rollers…the 6700 just doesn’t have the air bags in the upper back. The 7700 has two more airbags in the leg airbags than does the 6700 (20 vs. 18).

4. The Sanyo 7700 massage chair has an adjustable leg length extension. The Sanyo 6700 does not require that feature because it has the same ottoman design as the Sanyo 5000 which extends the foot rest to accommodate the longer leg of some users. The Sanyo 7700 has a ottoman similar in design to the HT-1650 which is one piece without a movable footrest. No big deal.

And that, my friends, is about it as far as differences between the two chairs. Oh yeah, and the price of the Sanyo 6700 is $500 less than the 7700! So, it’s regular retail price is $4499. So, from here on out, we will only be selling the Sanyo 6700 model on our website and in our showrooms.

Here is a link to the product brochure of the Sanyo 6700 massage chair: Sanyo 6700 massage chair brochure.

You can click on this link to take a look at a comparison chart of the 2 models: Sanyo 6700 and Sanyo 7700 comparison chart.

Dr. Alan Weidner