The Relationship Between Pain and Pleasure

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Pain and pleasure are two sensory types that typically don't relate to each other. Pain is usually such a negative experience that we rarely think about it in terms of having potential to be positive. In this unconventional blog post which was inspired by the novel and movie, "50 Shades of Grey", it explores the aspect of the relationship between touch, pleasure and pain.

The author acknowledges the different opinions that people have of the movie; disgusting or delighting, exciting or boring, sensual or expected, but no matter how you think of it, it still raises the initial question about the relationship of pain to pleasure.

She says that she couldn't help but think about the relationships between the sense of touch and pain, two of the main objects of her scientific research into the neurocognitive mechanisms of human perceptions, emotions, and desires. She didn't make the connection at first but you'll read in her article about the scientific explanation of the relationship between pain and pleasure.

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