The Real Effects of Our Cell Phones on Our Body Are Finally Revealing Themselves

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An increasing number of people in the United States are reporting neck and back pain. One of the causes of neck or back pain is due to the sedentary culture and the dependence on mobile devices in modern society. Tilting the head downwards can put undue strain on the neck and spine. Too much sitting can also result in back pain. People who stand up more while working burn more calories.

Key Takeaways:

  • People with sit-stand desks burned up to 87 more calories per day than those who spent their entire work days sitting down.
  • Texting at eye level can help prevent potentially damaging head tilting.
  • Studies suggest American workers today burn roughly 100 calories less each day while at work, compared to American workers in 1960.

“Too much sitting can also cause back pain.”