The Problem of Tech Neck and How to Treat It

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This recent Irish Examiner article takes a look at one of the fastest-growing maladies of the 21st century. In it, a reader wrote into to the paper’s medical expert to explain how they’ve been dealing with increased back and neck pain since a new job has required them to use their laptop computer more often. The expert, Dr. Bernadette Carr responds that the reader’s back and neck pain is likely due to the fact that they are spending hours on end sitting in the same place. While prolonged periods of inactivity are bad enough, spending that much time with your neck craned at an awkward angle is deeply problematic. Over time, straining your neck and back will lead to the development of persistent back and neck pain, commonly referred to as tech neck.

The one good thing about tech neck is that it is eminently treatable. Dr. Carr outlines a few different solutions the office worker could take to resolve their painful problem. Changing your posture so that you are not slouching when you look at your computer screen will relieve some of the pressure that’s being exerted on your neck and back. Additionally, getting a regular back and neck massage will release the muscle tension that’s built up over the course of your workday, so either booking a session with a massage therapist or massage chair can greatly reduce your risk factor for developing tech neck.

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