The Power of a Good Foot Massage

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Did you know a 10-15 minute massage before bed will help improve circulation and work wonders while you sleep?  Secretions and fat are removed, swelling goes down, and your skin tone gets a stronger, healthier look.  You’ll also be less prone to cramping because the muscles receive a proper stretch.

In today’s article you’ll find a detailed graphic of which areas of the foot correspond to which part of the body, so you will have no trouble figuring out your exact massage target.  It can even guide you through kneading away digestive issues.  It might be a little weirder than massaging your ear lobes, but pressure points are effective no matter what part of the body they’re on.

Again, it’s no heavy-powered massage chair, but continuing to learn the art of self-massage will help you take charge of your own health.  You’ll really feel as if you’ve earned those relaxed muscles and healthy glow.  The more you explore, the more you’ll learn about your own body in the process, and the more in tune with yourself you can continue to be in the future.Read more about this on : Skinny Yoked

Give your feet a chance.  They deserve it, and so do you.

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