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At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas back in January, Furniture For Life (FFL) introduced the two new Positive Posture Brio models…the Brio Sport and the Brio+. Until then, the original Brio was the first Positive Posture massage chair offering. It is a very well built and smooth chair with a more gentle 3D L-track roller massage.

The New Brio Sport & Brio+ - Brio 1
Positive Posture Brio Sport

It was ideal for folks who had very tender back muscles or someone who was more elderly and couldn’t deal with the aggressive roller massage of most of the other chair models out there. I was one told by the service manager at FFL that it had a “near zero” failure rate, which meant that it rarely ever broke down. Take it from me, that is pretty incredible and rare to have such a low failure rate.

The differences between the Brio+ and the original Brio are notable, including a new roller massage choreography, diamond stitch upholstery, chomotherapy, calf shiatsu points with a calf heating element, and a USB charging port. However, the overall massage intensity is about the same, perhaps a little more aggressive at the deepest 3D roller setting. The body design is the exact same.

The New Brio Sport & Brio+ - Brio 2
Positive Posture Brio+

The Brio Sport was noticeably different from the original Brio the moment the massage began. It has a definitively more intense roller massage. It still has a beautifully smooth massage; it just digs into your back muscles much more deeply. If you saw the original Brio massage as too gentle, but liked the rest of it, you will LOVE the Brio Sport. It was designed with the active user/athlete in mind. To quote directly from the Positive Posture website, “We now know that recovery — particularly massage — is just as important to health and stress management as cardio and resistance training. The Brio Sport is the first and only massage chair designed specifically for recovery, giving you the benefits of a sports massage clinic in your own home.”

So, there you have it, a massage chair that focuses on recovery…and, to me, that translates to a more aggressive roller choreography. Positive Posture calls it’s more aggressive kneading & tapping roller massage “delta movements”. Not sure what that exactly means, but I do know that the roller massage is more intense.

Other features of the Brio Sport include 4D speed/rhythm variability, zero gravity positioning, luxurious diamond stitch upholstery, mechanical foot rollers, acupressure point locator scan, seat and calves heat PLUS heated rollers, chromotherapy, USB charging port, a space saver design, and pre- and post-workout sessions.

The New Brio Sport & Brio+ - Brio 3
Positive Posture Brio Sport – Reclined

I would say that the original Brio and the Brio+ are more similar in look and feel than the Brio Sport. The Brio Sport body seems to look a little bulkier with taller arm rests. The pictures of all three side-by-side shows it more clearly.

The original Brio is only available in black now and will be discontinued once the black is completely sold out.

The differences between the Brio+ and the Brio Sport are:

  1. Cost – the Brio+ is priced at $5999, the Brio Sport priced at $6999.
  2. The Brio Sport has 7 manual massage types with 500+ manual massage combinations, while the Brio+ has 5 manual massage types with 350+ manual massage combinations.
  3. The Brio Sport has heated rollers, the Brio+ does not.
  4. The Brio Sport has a multi-language remote while the Brio+ does not.
  5. The Brio Sport comes in black and gray color options; the Brio+ comes in black, brown, and beige colors.
  6. The Brio Sport has a more stylistic body design.

As with all FFL chairs, the Brio Sport and Brio+ come with a 3 year parts and labor, in-home warranty.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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