The most common source of stress in relationships isn’t what people think

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Keeping the relationship with one’s romantic significant other going can be difficult sometimes. Couples that stay together are often the ones who are willing to acknowledge there will be ups and downs, and that sometimes there will be things that have to be faced. Money is an obvious pitfall that pops up. Children are another. And both tend to be something that can get in the way of sex, one way or another. Therapists recommend communication as the key to staying connected and content.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having children can cause strain on a relationship. It can become very stressful.
  • The majority of relationships become stressful because people stress wanting the relationship to work.
  • We must all learn to soothe things out. Accept one’s partner for who they are.

“The key lies in knowing which pitfalls commonly derail couples so that people and their significant others can prepare themselves to sail through them rather than abandon ship at the first sign of trouble.”

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