The merits of yoga to deal with low back pain – The Apopka Voice

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People who are suffering from low back pain may no know there is a lot that they can do to try and get rid of it. Pain sufferers can take pills but those can become addicting and cause other medical problems. These individuals can have surgery but that comes with a lot of risks. One thing that many are finding relief from is yoga. The stretching and strength training of one’s lower back will give them a lot of relief and really can’t hurt them.

Key Takeaways:

  • The physical part of yoga focuses on holding postures that help stretch and lengthen your muscles
  • Breathing is another very important part of yoga that aims to reduce stress and anxiety and clear the mind. Controlled breathing can help relax the muscles and allow one to focus
  • Take the time to inhale slowly and exhale slowly through the nose for a few rounds of breath. People can turn this breathing into a meditation by closing their eyes and letting their mind wander and relax

“The food one consumes has a drastic effect on one’s spine health. Foods that are high in sodium, fat, and sugar can cause inflammation in the body and can result in back pain and injury.”

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