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dictionaryAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to demonstrate the term ‘zero gravity’ on video for you. Zero gravity is a feature that’s become very prominent in massage chairs over the last few years. When I first started in the industry back in the early 2000s, zero gravity was not a big feature in massage chairs. It’s a feature that was pioneered by Human Touch with their Perfect chair, which was not a massage chair, but a very, very well-built, reclining ergonomic chair, and it had a zero gravity feature. Now, they integrated that in to their HT-7450, which became a very popular massage chair, and now most chairs have a zero-gravity function or feature in most of their models.

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Alan: So, what does zero gravity mean? Well, zero gravity was originally – the zero-gravity positioning in a chair – was originally created by NASA for the astronauts to be in space in a position that would be most comfortable, and the least weight bearing on any one part of their spines. So, the zero-gravity position was that position that was found to be the most comfortable, and the most therapeutically beneficial, for astronauts that traveled in space, and sat for long periods of time. So, zero gravity means – and I’m going to demonstrate it on this chair – it means that the seat tilts up at a 30-degree angle, it also means that the chair back articulates with the seat at 120 degrees, and in some cases, zero gravity can also mean the ottoman coming up above the heart. Now, some chairs will also have a second zero gravity position. In my estimation, it’s not a true zero gravity, what it does is, the seat tilts up even higher, and the chair back reclines to horizontal, with the ottoman coming up. That is not a true zero-gravity position, because now all the weight is down on your upper back, and most of the weight is off your low back.

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Alan: In the true zero-gravity position, the weight distribution is much more balanced, but I will show the zero-gravity position, the true zero-gravity position, and then the second zero-gravity position, on a chair, so you can see what I’m talking about. OK, so here we have a chair, you see – oh, and here’s another thing – if a chair does not have zero gravity, it means that the seat is horizontal, OK? So, the seat does not move up or down, whether the chair back reclines or goes up and down, or whether the ottoman goes up or down, that seat stays level. Zero gravity means the seat does move, and we’re getting it up at a 30 degree angle, I’m going to show you on this chair. Here’s a chair that, in the default, rest position, is horizontal. Now, when we push the zero-gravity position – let me just turn this on, make sure we’ve got it on – OK, so we’re going to turn this on, ready to push the ‘Zero-Gravity’ button, but you see the seat is horizontal, I push it again, and now you see the chair, as a whole, reclining back.

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Alan: You see the chair back is going down, the seat is tilting up, and the ottoman is coming up. When it stops, that is what we consider a true zero-gravity position. You’ll see that the seat is angled at 30 degrees, you’ll see that the chair back, and the seat, are articulating at a particular angle, and that’s about 120 degrees, and then the ottoman, in this case, is still at about a 90 degree angle from the seat, which is proper. Some chairs, some people feel that, for a true zero-gravity position, the ottoman has to come up above the heart, but that’s not part of the true definition of zero gravity. Now, this chair also has a – and by the way, when you sit on a chair, and when the seat is horizontal, and you become very aware of where the weight distribution is on your body, and then you push the ‘Zero-Gravity’ button, and have the chair recline in to a zero-gravity position, and you’re aware of how your weight is being distributed on your body, you will see a difference, I mean, you’ll feel that it’s – pressure’s coming off of your low back. So, zero gravity’s a wonderful feature for people that suffer from low back pain, especially acute low back pain, because it just takes, it decompresses your spine a little bit, just by using gravity more effectively, or more efficiently.

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Alan: Now, I’m going to push the second zero-gravity position on this chair, so you can see what I mean by a second zero-gravity position. You’ll see that the chair back is reclining, the seat’s coming up a little bit more, you see the ottoman coming way up, but this is not a true zero-gravity position. Now there’s more weight on the upper torso, than there is on the back, and that is not optimal for a zero-gravity chair, OK, but this is what some companies have introduced in to their chairs to try to add a little, a different dimension to the whole zero gravity thing. So, you’ll read that some chairs have two zero-gravity positions. Well, by true definition, there’s only one zero-gravity position, then there’s a second, reclining, preset position that they call zero gravity too, just so that you know, but that is not, by definition, a true zero-gravity position, but it’s kind of cool. It might feel very, very comfortable for you, and if that’s the case, more power to you.

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Alan: So, that is the definition of zero gravity, I’ve shown you the examples here. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 888-259-5380, and I’d be happy to answer the questions, if I’ve made something a little muddled or unclear here. If you found the video interesting or helpful, please share it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, ‘Like’ our videos on any of your social media platforms. Of course, subscribe to our YouTube channel, so that you can be updated about subsequent videos of definitions, or chair features, or interviews that we do, or whatever we do in the massage chair industry. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ thank you so much for visiting today, and we will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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