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dictionaryAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to demonstrate to you, or define for you, the term Dreamwave Technology, which is something that was patented, and a technology introduced by Inada, with their Sogno chair. A couple of other chairs have integrated the idea of the Dreamwave, but it was pioneered by the Sogno, and best performed by the Sogno. I want to demonstrate what it is. You’ve probably heard the term Dreamwave out there, and when you hear that term, it is associated strictly with the Sogno, but it is a feature that we see on other chairs, we’re starting to see on other chairs. Now, the Dreamwave Technology – this is the deal, when you sit in a massage chair, there are certain motions – of if you, if you sit in a massage chair, and you’re in terrible pain, acute low back pain, there’s not much that you can handle.

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Alan: I mean, when I was a chiropractor, and I had someone come in with terrible, terrible hot, what we called a hot low back, I wasn’t going to turn them on the side and crank their back, they couldn’t bear it, they couldn’t stand it. So, what someone like that could really benefit from is nice, gentle, passive motion to the hips and the low back, and that’s what the Dreamwave Technology does. Airbags are used, not to squeeze anything in the seat, but to move the seat from side to side in a figure-eight motion, and up and down. So, that is the motion you’re going to see in the Dreamwave Technology, you’re going to see the seat moving from side to side in a figure-eight motion, and up and down. It’s a very subtle motion from side to side, you’ll see the airbags coming up all right, side to side, you’ll see – and we’ll have it shot, and videoed from an angle – so you can see it. At the same time that that’s happening, airbags from the side are inflating on to your IT bands, on the sides of your thighs, and massaging the iliotibial bands.

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Alan: There’s not many chairs that do that, and we’ll be doing another video that’ll talk about that, but the Sogno’s one of the few chairs that actually massages the IT bands, with the Dreamwave Technology, in concert with the Dreamwave motion of the seat. So, let’s demonstrate it on the Inada Sogno. I’ve got the chair, now, turned on, we’ll get the remote out of the way. The first thing you’re going to start to notice is, you’re going to start to notice that the seat will start to move, the airbags for the iliotibial bands will inflate, but you’ll see the seat start to move. Hopefully, now you can see my hand rising, see how it’s coming up, and while that’s going on, the seat is still moving side to side, very subtly, and then of course, the airbags are massaging your iliotibial bands. Now, what’s wonderful about this is that we’re able to take someone who has a terrible, terrible low back pain, acute low back pain, and cannot move, it’s so tight, if we can plop them in a chair like this, and turn on the Dreamwave Technology, they’re going to get a very nice, subtle motion of the chair, from side to side. It’s just introducing a little vibration too, which is something you can do to someone who’s in terrible pain, they can handle that, and then of course, the chair, or the airbags, will lift the seat up and down.

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Alan: So, the chair is going side to side, in a little bit of a figure eight, or a little bit, from side to side, in a figure-eight motion, very subtle, and the seat inflates to lift the hip up. So, if you imagine a person sitting in this, the person’s hip is being raised, lowered, moved from side to side, a wonderful passive motion that you cannot introduce to someone manually, you just can’t do it, it’s very, very difficult to do. Now, you see the seat moving a little bit more from side to side, see it moving from side to side, hopefully my hand will help, you know, give you a little context to that, and then, of course, the airbag inflates up and down, a wonderful technology, but that is what Dreamwave Technology means. So, when you hear the term Dreamwave, now you know what a website’s talking about, or if you hear someone else talking about, now you know what it’s about. So, that is Dreamwave Technology, and I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ thanks for visiting today. Feel free to share us on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus accounts, help us spread the word about massage chairs. Of course, subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can be updated, and notified, of any subsequent videos that we come out with. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ thanks so much for visiting today, and we will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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