The Less Commonly Known Benefits of Massage

scrub, brush, and liquid soap


It’s well known that massage can be very useful in treating a variety of health problems. It can be used to correct disorders like text neck that are caused by improper posture. It can help those who have sustained injuries to their joints and ligaments by relieving the pain caused by inflamed nerves. And it’s great for dealing with stress-related ailments like high blood pressure because it can balance out a person’s hormone levels. But, in addition to all of those quality of life boosting aspects, did you know that massage can be used to treat certain behavioral disorders?

As this Lifehack piece points out, massage can trigger the release of serotonin, a hormone that acts as an all-natural mood stabilizer. As such, massage can help children that fidget excessively or are overly anxious by increasing their serotonin levels. And since certain behavioral disorders can manifest in children due to irregular sleep patterns, the serotonin released by a massage can help kids get to sleep easier and ensure that the sleep they are getting is deep and uninterrupted. It’s also been shown that massage can help kids who struggle with social interaction by reducing their overall anxiety level. Read this eye-opening article to learn other less well known benefits of massage.

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