The Key To Leaving Stress Behind In Retirement

healthy young woman stretching before Fitness and Exercise

Planning for retirement can be a source of stress that takes a mental and physical toll on a person. According to many experts we should aim to retain 70 % of our income after retirement which for the average American can be an extremely daunting task, even seeming impossible to some of us.

Key Takeaways:

  • Those seniors with income in the top 20 percent are in the top because of earnings. That likely means they continue to work or they own a business.
  • The public is a sucker for stock market forecasts and predictions. Without the public’s propensity to value stock market forecasts and predictions, Wall Street fat cats would not be so fat.
  • Or, as one wag put it: We must not retire… from getting the facts about planning for retirement.

“If you want to study the mind-body connection, the way the former influences the latter, look no further than the stress individuals and couples face when planning for retirement. For this anxiety, which is as physically real as it is empirically true (that most people are not in a position to retire with any degree of financial security), demands greater clarity and understanding.”