The Fear of Pain Is Almost As Bad As Pain Itself

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Did you know that if you break your right arm, you can end up feeling significant pain in your left arm? A recent Body in Mind post explores that counterintuitive situation in depth. The reason a person could find themselves with one broken limb and another that is an extreme pain is because of the pain catastrophising phenomena. Basically, pain catastrophising refers to the effect of your mind simulating a pain response when you engage in an activity that previously resulted in an injury.

In the example the post gives, a group of test subjects were told to paint a wall using only their right arms. The following day, the same group was told to paint another wall using only their left arms. As soon as the group began painting on the second day, their left arms became extremely sore almost immediately. This is because the painters were all left with sore and tight muscles following the first day of painting. As a defensive response, the brain tried to stop the body from inflicting the same injury on another part of the body. As the scenario described in the piece makes clear, if you don’t take time to massage her stretch out sore muscles, your body will exact a punishing toll. Click here to see some amazing painters in london.

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